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Waterwild kayaks are the highest quality, yet most affordable kayaks on the Irish market. If you are looking to buy a kayak online, then look no further than our kayak shop. Whether you are looking for a family kayak (2 adults & 2 kids) or a Sit on Top single person kayak; Waterwild will provide you with the best quality service and gear for your outdoor pursuits.
Waterwild are a family-run business based in Salthill, Galway. We are dedicated to supplying top of the range kayaks, at competitive prices, in a friendly atmosphere. Have you always wanted to kayak but are unsure of how to start? Or perhaps you don’t feel confident on the water alone? Don’t worry, we offer advice on safety and training, with sales, upon request.

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The Best Sea-Kayaks for Sale

Having a high-quality kayak is essential when entering the water. Our selection of rigid kayaks can be used on both calm waters and rough waters and are ideal for beginners and more experienced paddlers.

The excellent construction, comfort and durability of a Waterwild kayak, means they are perfect for cruising around on calm waters, whether it be down waterways or around lakes. Our kayaks are also powerful and robust, with superb impact resistance. This gives them great control and superb balance, making them also suitable for the sea.

We have recently expanded our range to include top of the range Waterwild lifejackets and buoyancy aid vests to ensure your safety while on the water. The adjustable strap around the stomach means you can alter sizing to your personal preference.

Waterwild care about people, products, and the sport of kayaking. Waterwild aim to offer you the most enjoyable experience on the water. Deciding on the best kayak for your needs requires expert advice- and Waterwild can provide just that. We have worked with experts to ensure that our sea kayaks for sale are of the highest quality and meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are an experienced kayaker, or a beginner feel free to contact us regarding any of our products and we will be happy to assist you even if what you need is not something we have in stock.

Waterwild actively adapts to its client’s needs and practices a customer-centric approach. This is so we can be the best online kayak store around. Our customers are the reason we are in business, so we are committed to spending as much time as is necessary (both on and off the water), to ensure our customers acquire a kayak that suits their budget and needs.

Feel free to call us to discuss your kayaking needs or to arrange a visit to view our extensive stock of kayaks. We are pleased to offer Nationwide deliveries. Galway deliveries are free

Why buy a Sit On Top kayak?

Sit on top kayaks are one of the most popular ways of getting out on the water. Why? Well quite simply, they are the most user-friendly. Check-out why they are so user-friendly below:

Sit On Top kayaks are the best single kayaks for sale, as they are extremely stable. Their incredible stability makes you less likely to capsize, and makes them extremely easy to climb in and out of. Unlike their counterparts- the Sit In Kayak- Sit On Top’s don’t have enclosed cockpits, and thus they have excellent floatation, without any feeling of confinement.


Sit On Top kayaks are ‘self-bailing’ air-filled plastic floats. This means that their rigid plastic exterior has small holes in it, called "scupper holes", which allow the water to drain right through. Essentially your kayak can’t sink- as the self-draining hull won’t fill with water if you capsize.


Although their name probably gives this away… when using a Sit On Top, the paddler sits on top of the water! Although this sounds logical, it is different to a Sit In kayak, which places your body inside the water, with only the top of cockpit being outside it. Sitting above the water makes it far easier to climb in and out of, far safer for inexperienced kayakers, and far more easy to jump off should you want to play in the water!


Sit On Top kayaks are suitable for everyone! Both children and adults, experienced kayakers or beginners… Our Sit On Top kayaks for sale ensure that all the family can join in the fun. Please make sure that if you are paddling into open waters, and contending with wind/wave and currents, then (as with all water sports) proper training should always be sought.


You can paddle Sit On Top Kayaks from just about anywhere! Our Sit On Top Kayaks are so versatile and easy to paddle, that they are perfect for exploring sheltered coastlines, playing in the surf or just enjoying local river and lake tours. We have designed or kayaks so that they are ideal for taking longer trips. That’s the great thing about a kayaking, it allows you to explore everything from rugged coastlines to inland rivers and estuaries, all from the comfort of your kayak’s seat.

Why Choose a Waterwild Sit On Top Kayak?

Why choose Waterwild, well quite simply because our Sit-On Tops for sale are the best and most affordable on the Irish market! Not only is the Waterwild Sit on Top Kayak lightweight (making it very easy to transport and manoeuvre when paddling), but they are jam-packed with all intrinsic safety features as standard. Our kayaks are made from high-density polyethylene- a plastic tough enough to stand up to the rigours of river-running, as well as unseen jagged rocks in shallow coastal waters.

Super Comfortable!
Our Waterwild Sit on Top Kayaks for sale are extremely comfortable. They allow you to be out on the water for hours, or even days, at a time. Plenty of footrest options are moulded into the boat so that it can accommodate a child or a taller adult. All Waterwild Kayaks have padded back rests that come as standard at no extra cost.

Excellent Manoeuvrability & Streamline Design
A lot of work and time has been put into the design and construction because the boat feels indestructible. Our Sit On Top kayaks track through the water well and go exactly where you want it to go, so that you conserve as much energy as possible. This makes it a great choice for beginners as it will build confidence fast but you won’t get bored as you become more skilled because the design doesn’t compromise speed or performance.

The excellent manoeuvrability of our single kayaks for sale, means they are just as comfortable taming rivers as it is at sea. Our kayaks are not too long, which makes them ideal for getting into tight, rocky coves. The flat, wide hull ensures great stability and once you’re on board, it never feels like you’re going to be caught out and end up in the water.

However, if you do decide to jump in the water, then our design ensure that the kayak is easy to clamber back on and it’s easy to re-launch.

Storage! In-built Storage & Easy to Store
Our Waterwild Sit on Top kayaks for sale, have three storage areas, including cargo net in the back and bungee cords in the stern and waterproof storage beneath the deck- meaning your kit will stay as dry as you. The sizeable storage capacity ensures you can take everything that you could possibly need for a day trip or even multi-day adventuring excursions. The drinks bottle holder is moulded into the kayak. Plenty of dry storage for all your kit and easy portability means that the only limit to your aqua adventuring will be your paddle power.

The Waterwild Kayak also has a keel in the wheel so that you can pull the boat along to your launch site with ease. The stackable design makes it easy to store. It also has a built in tail wheel for easy transport.

Need an added incentive to buy sit on top kayak? Then here one is! A Waterwild paddle is included in our price, at no extra cost!

Specifics include:
  • WaterWild Paddle
  • Front Toggle Handle and Molded-in Side Handles for Easy Transport
  • Front and Rear Tankwell with Bungee for Storage
  • Built-In Front Self-bailing Cup Holder.
  • Built in PE Padded Seat Provides Comfort and Fold-Down Convenience
  • Molded-In Freedom Footwells for Comfort and Secure Foot Bracing
  • Easy Roll Skeg Wheel for Enhanced Tracking and Easy Transportation
  • Self-Bailing Scupper Holes to Drain Water from the Tankwell
  • Hull Design Provides Ultra Stability and Great Tracking
  • UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene Construction
  • Weight of kayak 17.5 kg
  • Max capacity weight 125 Kg